Sunday School

Sunday School is a space for primary schoolers to learn and experience God. 
We run this program during the Sunday Morning Service at 9:30 am.

In this time, we dance and sing some fun songs, we hear a story from the bible, get to create a craft activity, 

and pray together all while learning how awesome our God is.


We love to see children come and join with us.    

Join the fun at Sunday School

After the Children's Talk in the main morning service, our teachers guide the children to Sunday School.  We believe that although the faith education of children is primarily the responsibility of parents, it is helpful to provide children with the opportunity to know God through this child-friendly program.

Children from age three through the end of primary school are welcome to attend. We find that older children are better served in worshipping in the auditorium with the parents during the Sunday Morning service.  High Schoolers may like to attend our monthly youth program (click here for more info).

Planning for Sunday School draws on a curriculum produced by Discipler.  This gives our teachers material to help plan fun activities that work to building relationships with the Children and God, the teachers and the children, and the children with each other.


Each session consists of four parts which are expanded on below.


  • Present lessons teaching that they can trust in God. 
  • Provide opportunities to think about in what ways they can trust in God.
  • Encourage thoughts about how their trust in God can influence their actions.


  • Provide an environment encouraging an awareness of God
  • An opportunity to see who God is at their own level.


  • A hands on craft creating an experience to help the children see how God relates to them directly, not just through parents, teachers, and mentors.


  •        Teach children to pray and that they can pray to God themselves.