Easter Sunday Service

Welcome to church while being separated by distance, and maybe even by time. This is a way for us as church to worship the Lord together while we aren't able to meet.

If you are able to be online at 9.00am on this Easter Sunday then feel free to join us as we pray together. We will be using the program 'Zoom'.

You can join by using the link or if you use the program the ID and Password below

David Hicks is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Easter Sunday Prayers

Time: Apr 12, 2020 09:00 AM Brisbane

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 107 419 837

Password: 019903


As with Good Friday, there are several ways to participate in the service today.

  1. Follow along at your own pace. The various elements of the service are outlined below, and you are free to view them at your own pace. You can stop and start as you feel led, maybe to spend time meditating on a song, a Scripture, or the message.
  2. Use the link in this sentence to view the entire service streamed from Vimeo. (no countdown this time)
  3. Use the link to view the Vimeo file at the same time as others. (You still need to press play) This begins at 9.30.

Whichever option you choose there will be time during the service to celebrating the Lord's resurrection through communion. 

If you would like to participate, it would be good to prepare a small drink. If you have no grape juice, it doesn't matter; anything will do. It is a symbol of Christ's blood, shed for us. Also prepare a piece of bread to break and eat. Again, if you have no bread, it doesn't matter, feel free to use a biscuit or anything else that you can use as a symbol of Christ's broken body.

Also, if you use options 2 or 3, then you don't have the kids stuff.

Order of Service