Prayer Accountability Relationship Groups

A PAR (Prayer Accountability Relationship) group consists of 3-4 people who meet on a regular basis for the purpose of deepening their connection with others and as an aid to growing in their walk with the Lord.

It is not primarily a group for Bible Study but rather, it is a place to listen to and pray for each other and encourage each other in our search to be more like Christ. It is a time for sharing and caring. There may be times to encourage each other from the Word.

There are groups for both men and women, but no mixed groups.

The purpose of PAR groups

We believe PAR groups help create a community of people who relate to each other on a deeper level.  This provides opportunity for people to have a place to share their needs, hurts, frustrations and victories with each other which is hard to do on a Sunday Morning.  PAR groups give you an outlet to share on a deeper level if you want to, or just be there to be an encourager and supporter of others.